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If you seek peace and joy, go within.
That is the place where healing can begin.
Go inward to heal the pain.
And learn what you need to, to smile again.


Heal the past to enjoy the present

I work with people to overcome their pain, struggles, and traumas so that they can create the life they want.

This work often starts after we hit the lowest point of our life...maybe where you are right now.

What needs to change is our thoughts and our beliefs. When these change, we change our reality. 

But it all starts with choosing to change. That is the first step. And the hardest. 


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"Have you ever wondered why you keep going through the same set of experiences over and over? Why, in some areas of your life, are you so stuck? All the therapy or work you have been putting in doesn’t feel enough. Well, there are tools to help you go deeper. Inner child and family constellation sessions with Kanu have helped me uncover things I didn’t know existed in my energetic field. I feel like I have released deep-seated fears, trauma, and experiences that were keeping me stuck. I feel like I am on a version2.0 of my life, and I choose what life I want to create for myself."




Would you like to discover what is holding you back?

Let's set up time now to talk about this. Click the link below to book time! 



If you'd like to experience inner child work through a guided visualisation, leave your email address and I'll send you the link. 

Thanks for taking that first step!Please check your inbox for the gift!

"For the past ten years or more, I used to hesitate in taking major life decisions by myself. This made every aspect of my life feel blocked. I was stuck in situations that I didn't want to be in. This work has helped me in rediscovering my own self, my capabilities, and strengths which I was unaware of. It boosted my self worth and confidence and has made me emotionally independent. I now trust my own wisdom." 


Image by Aditya Saxena
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You can now begin to unravel what you feel 

That is the first step in the journey to heal. 

Feelings of despair, anger, fear, and sorrow

Can be left behind as you move into tomorrow.

"I have started trusting myself and the process more which obviously brings a lot more relaxation to my way of being. I have become more aware about things and how I can work with them. One of the things I practiced at The Heartbeat Solution was cord cutting and I can see something good and magical there. These tools have worked beautifully for me and I do plan to continue using them."


Image by Kelli McClintock

Hi! I'm Kanu and I work as a therapeutic coach who helps you understand the role that energy is playing in your current reality. Understanding this is a crucial step in releasing what is no longer serving you and attracting what your heart desires. 

While working with more than 800 clients now, I have repeatedly witnessed that our ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs can play a significant role in keeping us stuck. Overcoming these is what I specialise in.

I believe that we are all born with infinite personal power, and our lives are all about returning to that power. So if you are ready to embark on this journey with me, or curious to know more, let's connect and know each other better. 

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Are you keen to make a greater impact on the world but are also caught up in your own struggles? Have you been trying every trick in the book yourself, but are feeling there is more to accomplish? I work with women around the world who are struggling with their emotional health or physical health to help them regain their confidence by releasing their limiting beliefs. Would you like to know more? 

"It was a point in my life where I needed handholding to get back at living my best life. I used to often get stuck in very repetitive, cyclical experiences and mindset.


I joined ‘The Heartbeat Solution’ and came across very interesting and easily doable techniques to transform my present day situations and start living in a balanced way. The processes it included were extremely transformational.

The sessions made me aware that we are a product of our past experiences and our energies could be blocked due to our decisions made in the past.The whole program helped me accelerate to a better living experience each day. Always grateful for the shift it has brought about."



To book an individual therapy session,

choose a time below.

We always choose what happens to us. Subconsciously. Once we understand this, we allow wisdom to emerge and we revisit our choices. 

It's only when we are in balance of giving and receiving does abundance flow.

If you are looking for peace and joy, it is within you that you will find it.

The journey to joy is inward. 

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