Heal the past to enjoy the present


A few years ago, thanks to deep healing inner child work, I finally got the clarity and courage to step aside from my fairly conventional post MBA career track and start my journey in the area of personal development and self-growth. I love my work as a mindset and self-mastery coach.

My mind has developed mastery over everyday ups and downs, and I now know that peace is possible in any situation, if we want it. I can truthfully say that I have found myself, and with that, all that I was looking for.

After facilitating hundreds of inner child sessions to lead individuals through a transformative journey,  I have now curated a unique six-week program The Heartbeat Solution. This moves you from a space of confusion, sadness, loneliness, or anxiety to a space of abundance, clarity, joy, or peace. 

Hi, I'm Kanu!


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The Heartbeat Solution

A powerful healing journey towards your best life. 

Find the real reasons which make you feel less loved and get empowered to live a life of higher self-esteem and ongoing self care.


1-1Inner Child Therapy

Inner child work is a powerful healing modality that works with the subconscious mind without any use of hypnosis and helps you release the root cause of your current day struggles so that life can be easy again!

What people say 


This work has helped me in rediscovering my own self, my own capabilities, and strengths which I myself was unaware of. It helped to make me fierce by boosting my confidence to take major decisions of my life on my own. It has removed the hindrances in my goals. In a nutshell, I have become emotionally independent and trust my own wisdom.


I completed 2 sessions with Kanu for an issue that was bothering me in a niggling way without me being able to find a sustainable solution.

Thrilled to share that I can see a significant change and awareness generated within me which has helped me come to peace with the issue.


Kanu Priya is a patient, empathetic, astute, and effective facilitator.

I could innately trust her to hold me safely through the process and after, something I value deeply in a facilitator, especially in this kind of deep work. This process and form of therapy is an excellent option to explore for areas that one may have felt stonewalled with before.


Something that really changed for me after the therapy sessions was knowing it's us who create our reality and it's lot of self work before we expect the same from our loved ones.

A big thank you to Kanu, for being so patient with me. Some of the sessions were great and some of the sessions I struggled through and she was always so calming, loving and non-judgmental. It was a beautiful experience.


I became free! Free from my patterns of trauma , I realised how my inner being was so sad, alone and extremely scared. The therapy helped me open the portal where I could support my child love her and tell her that I'm there to save her and love her.