1-1 Inner Child Therapy

I have worked through hundreds of sessions with multiple clients dealing with anxiety, a troubled relationship, financial issues, or any other block. Inner child work is a powerful healing modality that works with the subconscious mind without any use of hypnosis and helps you release the root cause of your current day struggles so that life can be easy again!

"The therapy is based on the idea that your mind is present in each cell of your body. Any trauma you experience is stored in your body. This healing modality is magical because you directly work with your subconscious mind to break toxic patterns in your life. You release stuck energies from your body and fill it with the light of Higher Power. You learn 'how' to let go by shining light on your dark consciousness, by facing it head on and finally releasing it." - Udita 

Heal yourself

Our work in the one-on-one session leads to deep and permanent healing and this is achieved through a well-crafted combination of Inner Child work, Past Life Regression, Energy work, and Soul Healing.

Through my work with the Tasso approach, I have seen an immense shift in people who have been struggling with anxiety, relationship problems, psychosomatic complaints, feeling stuck, loss of direction, inability to change, financial confusion etc. Definite change occurs in a single session, however, depending on the issue it may take 4 or more sessions to completely overcome the problem. Each session helps to straighten out these concerns and to take the next step. This happens because of the deep insights gained during and after the session as a result of the regression and energy work. 

Once the past opens up and is explored, we then consider how this can be healed by deeply understanding the pattern or beliefs, releasing past emotions and energies from the body, and exploring different life choices available to us. It is important at this time to visualize what it is that our soul needs to learn to release this problem - this is really what helps us drop the story or the pattern and move on! 

The simple idea that we are here to learn and karma doesn't bring suffering if we learn our life lessons - this has been life-changing for me and several others around me and this is how regression therapy helps us to heal. The simple idea that our decisions (mostly taken unknowingly) affect the rest of our lives - and that these can be reversed...a powerful concept that helps us heal in every session.