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Individual Therapy 


"This form of therapy is based on the idea that your mind is present in each cell of your body. Any trauma you experience is stored in your body. This healing modality is magical because you directly work with your subconscious mind to break toxic patterns in your life. You release stuck energies from your body and fill it with the light of Higher Power. You learn how to let go by shining light on your dark consciousness, by facing it head on and finally releasing it."



Heal yourself

Our work in the one-on-one session leads to deep and permanent healing and this is achieved through a well-crafted combination of Inner Child work, Constellation work, Energy work, and Soul Healing. I have worked through various sessions with more than 800 clients through inner child work, past life regression, ancestral healing through constellations, and other processes. These practices help to unearth and liberate the root cause of present day struggles so that life can be easy again!

Through my work, I have witnessed remarkable transformations in people who have been struggling with anxiety, relationship problems, psychosomatic complaints, feeling stuck, loss of direction, inability to change, and financial confusion.


While significant shifts occur within a single session, some complexities may require up to 4 sessions for complete resolution. Each session serves as a compass, unraveling these concerns and guiding the next steps. The depth of insight gained during and after these sessions, courtesy of regression and energy work, fuels this progress.

Once the past is unveiled up and explored, our focus shifts to deep healing. We decipher recurring patterns or beliefs, release stuck emotions and energies, and learn how to navigate alternate life paths. Understanding the soul's lessons is crucial, enabling us to shed old narratives and move forward unencumbered.

The profound notion that our purpose is to learn, and suffering dissolves as we grasp life's lessons, has been a life-altering realization. Regression therapy empowers us by revealing how our past decisions, often made unconsciously, shape our lives—and importantly, how these can be rewoven for healing in every session.

Join me on this empowering journey of healing and self-discovery. Together, we'll unlock the wisdom within and rewrite the narrative of your life.

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