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I am passionate about helping women to release any limiting blocks and empower them to live their best life yet! I have worked with more than 300 women to identify and release blocks and help them overcome their pain and trauma.


I’d love to connect with you and understand more about the challenges you are facing.


Choose a time here and we will connect for a conversation. On this call we are going to uncover any blocks you may be facing, find out what the challenges are, and help you to craft your next best steps. This one's complimentary - it's on me.

"I used to start my day hating myself and being grumpy all day, I wasn't sure what to do with this state of being shattered, lonely and helpless. 

I joined The Heartbeat Solution and a lot has shifted for me right from the way I now react to situations to treating my own self. I have now started believing in myself.

I worked on myself and my past relationships using the techniques that were taught during this program. In particular, cord cutting has really helped me heal. The session on family constellation regarding my past relationship was absolutely mesmerising. It answered all my questions as to why I was stuck all this while.

I now start my day full of gratitude and positive affirmations.  

I can't thank you enough Kanu, for introducing me to such a program which has filled me with positivity and self-confidence."

Image by Adrian Moise


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Healing myself is what enables me to work with you.


Working with you is what continues to heal me.

Thank you for visiting. 

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