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Heartfelt Shares: Testimonials


No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Alfred North Whitehead

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The Heartbeat Solution

"I signed up for the Heartbeat Solution to discover more about myself. Kanu Priya introduced us to so many practices and tools, which at a subconscious level, work on acknowledging and loving yourself. And they say you attract what you truly are on the inside. I can feel the change.

  • From being someone who constantly apologised even when she was not at fault to now respecting and putting forth myself - it's a huge shift.

  • Her constant support and motivation to work on this truly helped. I can see it, I can feel it and I believe in it!!

Thank you for helping me on this journey of self love."  - Nancy

"Before I started working with Kanu priya, I struggled with confidence, shame, guilt and self sabotage. I had just started my journey of discovering this by myself which was hard as I was doing it in seclusion of a tribe and also had no structure to approach it. 

  • Individual constellation healing session with Kanu opened me up to consider this program. A lot shifted for me in the past 10 weeks.

  • Lots of knowledge on the tools firstly which I became aware of. I realized through this program how much I enjoyed journaling and was surprised by what I wrote. Cord-cutting helped me to improve my relationship with my mother and how I saw things.

  • All these tools made me more independent for my growth and not heavily dependent on friends or family for finding a solution to my life problems. I am less hard on myself on the days when they don’t go as per my planning. I balance my emotions better. I am equipped to pick myself up whenever I fall down.


Overall I feel more confident in my skin as I got to know myself a little more during this course. It opened my heart to myself and led me to be more open towards others." - Swati


Before I started working with Kanu Priya, my life seemed like it was at an impasse. I struggled with crucial life decisions and that created stress. I felt I didn’t have any direction and needed guidance. And that’s what Kanu gave me! In those ten weeks my attitude shifted.

  • I started accepting things as they are and I have learnt that a lot of what was bothering me was because of my response to situations.

  • I have become more accepting, patient and my expectations from others have almost vanished.

  • I resonated most with journaling along with the family constellation sessions and they really helped make the difference. I would highly recommend her. - Priyanka 


"Before I started working with Kanu Priya, I had been struggling with episodes of emotional turmoil that drained my energy and I felt unhappy, discouraged and directionless. I had tried ways to pull myself together but somehow I was feeling lost.

  • What I received from the program was a direction and structure to resolve my issues. I am glad that I received all that had been promised.

  • She has taught me some self healing techniques which resonated a lot with me. During the Inner child session, it was amazing to see how something unimportant pops up as something that has been causing triggers and make peace with it, this whole feels like out-of-a-movie. 

My overall experience with her has been wonderful and I can surely say I understand myself a little better."

- Avinash

"It was a point in my life where I needed handholding to get back at living my best life. I used to often get stuck in very repetitive, cyclical experiences and mindset.

I joined ‘The Heartbeat Solution’ and came across very interesting and easily doable techniques to transform my present day situations and start living in a balanced way.

  • The one on one sessions with Kanu Priya accelerated the process of self growth. It has propelled those stuck blockages and has caused real- time change in my perception, awareness and experience, something that I didn’t think would happen so fast! 

  • Becoming aware that we are a product of our past experiences and some self work has helped me to find my voice, made me more confident, increased my awareness and wisdom.

  • Always grateful for the shift it has brought about. The consistent application of these simple techniques and processes helped change my experience of life and it was truly magical for me. 


The impact I see today after 6 weeks is transformational. It was very interesting to work in a group of unknown people to realise how they all are motivating you to become a better version of yourself at every step." - Darshika

"After The Heartbeat Solution, things have started to move and I feel comfortable with what life is bringing to me now.

  • I feel more aligned with my true self and my core. I am able to sense signals from the universe guiding me towards what is meant to me and this is the most magical part for me.

  • I am able to manage my emotions better and learnt to let go of what is not serving me.

  • My self-esteem has risen in many parts as l began to pay more attention to my own self, filling me with self-love.

  • I am now able to identify priorities better and take decisions faster and more confidently.

  • I feel worthy, complete and loved. I feel independent, grounded and peaceful.

Thank you so much Kanu and I can't thank you enough."


When I started the program, The Heartbeat Solution, I was overwhelmed with the lack of time I had for myself and I was struggling with lots of other things at work.

In these 2 months, using some of the tools I learnt during my journey at The Heartbeat solution, I dealt with things better. I feel a lot more positive in general and it's personally very hard for me cause I'm generally not like that. It's almost like a breakthrough. The inner child work was very interesting since it brings out other things that one usually doesn't reflect on. - Nidhi Suri


"I have started trusting myself and the process more which obviously brings a lot more relaxation to my way of being.

I have become more aware about things and how I can work with them. One of the things I practiced at The Heartbeat Solution was cord cutting and I can see something good and magical there. These tools have worked beautifully for me and I do plan to continue using them." - Nandini

"Before I started working with Kanu Priya, I was quite depressed, trying to cope with the loss of my mother. Things didn't make sense and I was not in a good space. I didn't have any direction and needed some guidance.

And that's what Kanu gave me! Joining The Heartbeat Solution was an easy decision as I wanted to feel better and I trusted Kanupriya and the process that she tried to explain.


  • In these 10 weeks, I feel myself again. I am relaxed and I have taken a break from work. I am working on my art and I feel positive.

  • Journaling and cord cutting were tools that resonated with me the most. My overall experience with her has been remarkable specially because of how I now feel from within. It has changed and made me whole again."    - Harveen

"I was curious to experience what the program, The Heartbeat Solution offered. I was wondering what I can do next for my growth. This happened at the right time and gave me insights into new modalities.

A lot shifted for me in these 8 weeks.

  • I feel I have made progress after learning more healing modalities. I think all the modalities have relevance in self help. 

  • I feel more motivated by the constant encouragement that Kanu gave throughout the programme.

  • But the one that can make a huge difference for me is the practise of gratitude. Everytime I sat down to write what I am thankful for, it changed my whole energy. I felt happy and light.

The best thing has been that I feel more sorted & motivated to continue my journey ahead. I have identified the one area which I want to work on further with Kanu." - Vandana


Before I started working with Kanu priya, I was confused, hurt and had feelings of betrayal which led to low self esteem and I wasn't sure how to go about it.

And that's what Kanu gave me.

  • The way she listened and then enlightened me with "what MAY change" really made me wonder.

  • She was always available for any doubts that I had. I always felt I knew it all, however, I never realised I have the power to heal and important things like self love & prioritising myself was never in my agenda.

One day when I was just a step away from "depression", I decided to talk to her and that one hour of discussion with her changed my life and my perspective of seeing life.

  • I'm grateful to Kanu for teaching me tools such as EFT & chord cutting which help me feel better instantly.

  • Practising gratitude & manifestation were other things which changed my life. 

I can confidently say that I have come a long way and have started loving myself and this journey has only started now. - Shikha


"I joined the program to heal some major road blocks in my life & by the end of it I witnessed a major shift in those areas.

Particularly with respect to my anger & irritation issues, I was able to get a hold of the underlying beliefs & work with them to resolve & transmute the negative.

  • The one on one sessions really helped me to delve deep into the subconscious & pull out issues that I was absolutely unaware of - but which had been silently driving my life.

  • I feel a lot more in sync with my authentic self & a sense of liberation that comes with knowing that I now have the power & awareness to create the life of my dreams."

"Before I started working with Kanu priya, I was sad and anxious. Being a part of the programme, I have reached a level where I consciously know what to accept and how to move forward in my life with a smile. 


The top three things that worked for me in particular were - Individual sessions, cord cutting, and EFT.  The last three bonus sessions offered generously by Kanu were cherry on the top. The little surprises during the program made me feel instantly motivated. It was an unforgettable gesture. Thanks Kanu." - Neha

“After completing The Heartbeat Solution I became more calm, started accepting myself for who I am and started living being in the present.

  • It all happened through the practices that I learned since they made me so aware about myself that it started helping me to respond to the situation rather than reacting to it.

  • There were three main techniques and tools that worked best for me. Namely, cord cutting, practicing gratitude and shading the wheel of life. I feel there is a lot of potential which is still untapped within me.” - Grishma 


Through The Heartbeat Solution:

  • I have learnt how to calm myself down much faster whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed than before.

  • I have been able to understand that the challenges in life still continue, but I have overall become more conscious of my emotions.

  • I have realised the triggers that make me stressful and anxious and I feel better equipped to handle those. 

  • I found the one on one family constellation sessions very powerful. I also learnt various tools and techniques during the program such as EFT, journaling, practising gratitude and goal setting. - Surabhi 


“The biggest change I saw after completing The Heartbeat Solution was knowing I could change my reality and shifted my thought from “why me” to understanding what this situation is trying to teach me.

Life changed for me after the program! I got fitter, manifested my soulmate in the most loving way, also learnt how to create boundaries and ultimately, learnt how to stand up and speak for myself.” - Jagruti


First of January 2022: This is the best day to start with gratitude. The Heartbeat Solution is the only good thing that happened to me in the year 2021 as I went through the worst I can think of.

I was more than broken, shattered, lonely and helpless. God opened a door for me which was meeting Kanupriya and opting for The Heartbeat Solution.

  • It definitely changed me. I am more CONFIDENT, INDEPENDENT, STRONG, FIERCE.

  • While I was completely shattered, I was so helpless that all I wanted was magic to happen in my life and it did happen.

  • This new year I promised myself to build a life for myself and with Kanu's support, I will do it I know.

  • I can't thank you enough Kanu for meeting me and introducing me with such a program which has filled me with positivity and self confidence and trust me each and every word is 100% true and I am going to be connected with you until I build for myself what I have planned for myself. Thank you sooo much. 


You literally saved a life! Because as I told you earlier also, I was on the verge of suicide before meeting you and you were my last hope and if this would have also not worked, I wouldn't have been alive I  guess.

- Shivangi 


​"The Heartbeat Solution by Kanu has been wonderful for me. I have seen major changes in myself. I knew the meaning of self love but I was not healed enough to actually love myself.

  • Now I love myself more than ever, thanks to Kanu.

  • I can now meditate better after I went through the healing process.

  • Lastly, I'm a stronger version of myself who can take on anything with grace rub my heart, And instead of just saying 'what is it happening to me', now I feel "What is it teaching me". This is a major shift I can see in myself post the program. Thank you so much." - Sneha

"I had joined the program, The Heartbeat Solution because I was facing some relationship issues. The sessions were surprising for me with the things that came up. I was able to identify the reasons and go past some old beliefs.

I have changed so much. Even the people around me feel the positive change in me." - Hoshani

"I have started trusting myself and the process more which obviously brings a lot more relax to the way of being.

  • I have become more aware about things and how I can work with them. I did cord cutting with my dad, and I can see something good and magical there.

  • These tools have worked beautifully for me and I do plan to continue using them. A big thank you to you Kanu, for being so patient with me.

  • Some of the sessions were great and some of the sessions I struggled through and you were always so calming, loving and non judgmental.

  • It was a beautiful experience to go through with you". - Nandini

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The Soulful Retreat

I happened to come across Kanupriya through her platform and we bonded well over the kind of work she does. I was really looking forward to something because the kind of environment all of us are in - the working lifestyles and the hectic schedules, we hardly have any time to ourselves to reflect on what we actually want.


This retreat has been a blessing for me and I'm so glad I said yes to it.

  • There were lots of opportunities of self-introspection which gave me clarity on what I am really bothered about and what I actually want and how can I make my life more peaceful. 

  • I'm taking away many tools and techniques as to how I can make my life better, it's eye-opening in every sense. Specially for working females who are juggling between personal and professional responsibility carrying a lot of baggage, this kind of an environment and a place cutting from everything, giving yourself time in an energy field can do wonders.                                                                                                                                                             I am grateful for the experience. Love, love and love. - Simi


“I have had an amazing last three days here at the retreat. If I have to pick one thing, the most amazing part of the retreat is that you’re with like minded people and this is a sort of connection you miss in your day to day life.


I would really recommend everyone to experience this and commit to this. When you have the intention you can really do it!” - Vandana

“I started on my spiritual growth journey about one and a half years ago. I knew the things that I had to do to reach where I want to be but by myself I wasn’t able to do it.  So when the opportunity for the soulful retreat came along I jumped at it and I’m so glad and so grateful that I did.

It’s brought me to a sisterhood and to people who are going to help me be accountable for the things that I need to do, to build up my own reserves so I can be there for people who matter the most to me in my life.” - Divya 

“I came with a lot of apprehensions about the retreat not knowing what to expect. My vision was very narrow, there were blocks on both sides. I didn’t look big, I didn’t feel big. 

After two and a half days, my vision has increased, it’s wide open.

I’ve learnt so much, imbibed so much, not only from the retreat and Kanu Priya, but from everyone else who has been here.

I feel the world is open, my vision is crystal clear and I hope to achieve this and work on myself” - Supriya 

Today is the last day of our retreat here in Rishikesh. There has been immense learning and connect with the tribe. Thank you Kanu Priya for always being that anchoring point and helping us sail through. We need a lot of self-love to overcome any crisis situation and that is basically the most important learning for me. - Reema


"I didn't know why exactly I was coming but I knew there was a calling and this was something I wanted to gift myself. A tree needs to water its roots before it can actually give shelter to others. Similarly, I needed to water my roots.

I really enjoyed the time we all had together, we all have different journeys but we connected here and will find our own path and not get lost. The journey for me actually begins here.

Thank you. I wish more and more people could join! For me my takeaway is that I found my light." - Shefali

"The last three days have been very inspiring for me with Kanu Priya and so many other beautiful souls. I was very apprehensive about leaving home and coming. This is the first time I have stepped out like this but it's been a beautiful experience. I have had a couple of breakthroughs and I feel my journey has just started. Thank you so much!" 

"Today we are on the last day of our retreat here in Rishikesh. It has been a fabulous experience for me from the change in mindset on whether the retreat is a place I would want to be to now wanting to go to the next one.

For people like me or other women out there, who have not taken the “me time” out for themselves, who have kids, work, responsibilities, home, family and who don’t take out the me time, I think this is a wonderful start to getting that me time for yourself and continuing that journey." - Nidhi 

Individual deep healing transformation

"Have you ever wondered why you keep going through the same set of experiences over and over? Why, in some areas of your life, are you so stuck? All the therapy or work you have been putting in doesn’t feel enough. Well, there are tools to help you go deeper.

  • Inner child and family constellation sessions with Kanu have helped me uncover things I didn’t know existed in my energetic field.

  • I feel like I have released deep-seated fears, trauma, and experiences that were keeping me stuck. I feel like I am on a version 2.0 of my life, and I choose what life I want to create for myself." - Rakhi

"For the past ten years or more, I used to hesitate in taking major life decisions by myself. This made every aspect of my life feel blocked. I was stuck in situations that I didn't want to be in.

This work has helped me in rediscovering my own self, my capabilities, and strengths which I was unaware of. It boosted my self worth and confidence and has made me emotionally independent. I now trust my own wisdom."

 - Richa


I had the good fortune and luck for my path to cross with Kanupriya and her sessions. I won't lie, I was a tad bit nervous about making myself so vulnerable and doing a deep dive into my self.

  • However, the session was so well guided and powerful that my nerves turned to intrigue, acceptance and eventually self love.

  • The true effects of the session, I experienced over time and in small ways. A part of me that was hurting no longer hurt or felt painful. Instead, it felt as though it had just become a part of me but not in a negative way. I had been able to use it to help me stand taller today.

  • I don't have words that can truly capture the gratitude I feel nor the impact that the session has had on my life. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it.


"I completed 2 sessions with Kanu for an issue that was bothering me in a niggling way without me being able to find a sustainable solution.

Thrilled to share that I can see a significant change and awareness generated within me which has helped me come to peace with the issue."

Kanu Priya is a patient, empathetic, astute, and effective facilitator. I could innately trust her to hold me safely through the process and after, something I value deeply in a facilitator, especially in this kind of deep work.

This process and form of therapy is an excellent option to explore for areas that one may have felt stonewalled with before.

After taking a few therapy sessions from Kanu, I became free :).

Being free from my patterns of trauma, I realized how my inner being was so sad, lonely and extremely scared. The therapy helped me open the portal where I could support my inner child, love her and tell her that I am there to

save and protect her.

  • "This work has helped me in rediscovering my own self, my own capabilities, and strengths which I myself was unaware of.

  • It helped to make me fierce by boosting my confidence to take major decisions of my life on my own. It has removed the hindrances in my goals.

  • In a nutshell, I have become emotionally independent and trust my own wisdom."

These sessions made me realise that building boundaries and not allowing other peoples energy to override my emotions is possible. I became aware that most life experiences are cyclical.

It has helped to put a stop to the vicious circle and also gave a learning lesson to live life better. It ultimately helped me to speak up and be unfazed with what's happening around me.


Kanupriya absolutely knows what she is doing. I reached out to her when I was having acute anxiety about my health, with all the clinical tests pointing towards health deterioration. I needed a turn around of sorts which meant a lot of effort on various fronts. But something in my mind kept holding me back from putting in the requisite efforts.

I did a few sessions with Kanupriya and suddenly it was as if a switch flipped in my mind.

  • Five weeks hence, I have immense positive momentum on health and I am seeing so much change in various health parameters of mine.

  • Happiness and peace have replaced fear and anxiety. It's amazing how the mind, if given the right direction and guidance, can help heal the body.

  • I am able to do so much more now with my family too given the mental space I am in. I intend to work further with Kanupriya on other aspects of life.                                                                                                                     Might sound cliche, but honestly the experience of working with Kanupriya is life changing.


"Hi Kanupriya, thanks a lot for this session.. Deeply grateful and I had no idea what I wanted to heal but a lot came up and I am feeling relieved and light now.. Thank you for selflessly offering this session, and whole heartedly conducting the session. I have done many sessions inner child sessions earlier but none felt so simple and flowing and helped so much..

Thanks once again.. God bless and Stay in touch."

"It was a wonderful learning to get of away from the past good or bad memories and to be in present indeed. It is important to unleash our true potential. It's an ongoing journey. Thanks for wonderful eye opening lesson. Looking forward to next session."

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