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Holding Hands

We belong, we are the same - you and I,

At times we dance, at times we cry.

Join me for your healing journey today,

And I will willingly walk with you the rest of the way.

- Kanu Priya

Hi! I'm Kanu and I work as a therapeutic coach who helps you understand the role that energy is playing in your current reality. Understanding this is a crucial step in releasing what is no longer serving you and attracting what your heart desires. 

While working with more than 800 clients now, I have repeatedly witnessed that our ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs can play a significant role in keeping us stuck. Overcoming these is what I specialise in.

I believe that we are all born with infinite personal power, and our lives are all about returning to that power. So if you are ready to embark on this journey with me, or curious to know more, let's connect and know each other better. 

A few years ago, thanks to deep healing inner child work, I finally got the clarity and courage to step aside from my fairly conventional post MBA career track and start my journey in the area of personal development and self-growth.

My mind has developed mastery over everyday ups and downs, and I now know that peace is possible in any situation, if we want it. I can truthfully say that I have found myself, and with that, all that I was looking for.

Life can be easier for you too! Choose now. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

"Kanu Priya is a patient, empathetic, astute, and effective facilitator. I could innately trust her to hold me safely through the process and after, something I value deeply in a facilitator, especially in this kind of deep work. This process and form of therapy is an excellent option to explore for areas that one may have felt stonewalled with before."


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