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A true life long learner

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As a marketing professional in the space of education I had got used to using the term life long learner…but now I have a very different sense of it…a very different outlook. A true life long learner is really someone who keeps on learning all the time and thus reducing his or her suffering. Karma doesn’t intend to hurt us or trouble us. We do not suffer Karma because of our bad deeds. We suffer at the hands of Karma when we do not learn. And once we learn then there is no suffering. But most of us do not learn and hence life is forced to deal out hardships - each harder than the last - till we learn what we have to…what we came for. And this is really a never ending story for many of us. It goes on and on. The good news however is that a lesson once learnt isn’t forgotten! It’s embedded in our cellular memories for all lifetimes to come.

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