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Deep healing

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Regression could take you back to a time when something happened that needs to be healed in order to solve your present day problem. It could also throw up images that you don’t recognise but on exploring further, you find that they do resonate with you. Once the past opens up and is explored, we then heal this by deeply understanding the pattern or beliefs, releasing past emotions and energies from the body and exploring different life choices available to us. It is important at this time to visualise what it is that our soul needs to learn to release this problem - this is really what helps us drop the story or the pattern and move on!

The simple idea that we are here to learn and karma doesn't bring suffering if we learn our life lessons - this has been life changing for me and several others around me and this is how regression therapy helps us to heal. Or the simple idea that our decisions (mostly taken unknowingly) affect the rest of our lives - and that these can be reversed...a powerful concept that helps us heal in every session.

It also presents to us the classic drama circle: the Victim - Persecuter and Rescuer. We need to get into a habit of recognising the drama as it begins. And then recognise who we are in that moment. The recognition itself will help us to allow the drama to happen without it affecting our soul energy. However if we are still feeling affected we simply need to consciously step out of the drama - as if we stepping out of the room and gently closing the door - one part of us is inside simply as a witness or observer perhaps but our consciousness is happily away and smiling at the whole story unfolding!

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