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To a Troubled Mind

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As we walked through her subconscious today I could see … almost like a web… her thoughts..entangled…one above the other…one into the other…different colours … different textures…different lengths. It was fascinating to see how interwoven our thoughts are and how we smoothly slide from one to another and a whole new world opens up. I also enjoyed seeing how the inner child exactly knows whether the problem is resolved or there is something more to see. So true that the therapist really needs to follow the client..and so I would patiently follow her threads…rolling up the balls that were lying unravelled for all these years. And then neatly tucked in their corners…and set them aside for her to patiently make sense of.

Sometimes we, as children, make beliefs that serve us well. The belief that ‘I am hopeful and always will be’ may be hiding the fear of facing reality and accepting things as they are. Because what happens when I am not hopeful? Then I am scared. And when I am scared I can’t handle my current reality. Our approach is to remove all these layers and bring to you your own authentic child like self - true to that inner child that you left all those years ago when you wore these different garbs that comforted you in the tough times. Yes they served you well then - but are they still needed?

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