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Do you want to overcome your personal struggles so that you can have a greater impact on the world? Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your life and want to breakthrough to the next level? Are you ready to heal and grow?

Two years ago, I began The Heartbeat Solution and since then have held space for 6 cohorts of wonderful women. 

You can now join this tribe of women who have worked through their past to heal and grow! The Heartbeat Solution is a powerful virtual coaching and therapy program that will reconnect you to yourself and help you reclaim peace and joy in your life so that you can start having a greater impact on the world!

It's an ongoing program so you can join anytime that you like. Let's connect to speak about it! 

Here are some of the tools you will develop as your own through this program. 


Stream of Consciousness Journaling which will help you to get in touch with yourself and uncover patterns that are holding you back. Daily prompts are shared to uncover limiting beliefs that need to be healed.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release emotional or physical pain and feel empowered to take action. Just 7 days of EFT can propel you to your most energetic self!


Shamanic Cord Cutting to heal long term toxic relationships and feel free from their impact. 21 days of cord cutting can heal the traumas of past relationships or parental bonds.

Create a life vision that you believe in and that is truly yours. This is the first step towards manifesting it. 

Use the science of manifestation for your life vision. Start with a small win and then move on to bigger wins during the program so that you can then start manifesting at will. 

Build a practice of gratitude, abundance and surrender through meditative and reflective practises so that you can continue to manifest peace and joy in all you do.

If you are struggling to be happy in your relationships, I want to work with you help you heal your past traumas and learn how to regulate your emotions so that you can find peace within yourself without being in therapy for months or years. Here is how we do it:

Becoming aware of your internal story and inherited patterns 

When you join The Heartbeat Solution, you will start getting clarity about what you are holding within you that could be the real reason for the struggle. This, along with proven mindset techniques taught over video as well as in writing, empower you to start releasing what no longer serves you so that you can feel at peace.  

Healing from the past

During this program, the individual deep healing sessions are designed to uncover your ancestral patterns and family trauma that needs to heal for you to feel joyful again. Three powerful one on one sessions help you heal somatically and bring about rapid transformation. 

A community to practise emotional regulation 

Human beings thrive on community. And connecting with a tribe where you can be you is a gift to yourself. Weekly group calls to bring your questions to, experience guided healing practices as a group and celebrate your wins will help you progress towards love once more. 

"I signed up for the Heartbeat Solution to discover more about myself. Kanu Priya introduced us to so many practices and tools, which at a subconscious level, work on acknowledging and loving yourself. And they say you attract what you truly are on the inside. I can feel the change. From being someone who constantly apologised even when she was not at fault to now respecting and putting forth myself - it's a huge shift.

Her constant support and motivation to work on this truly helped. I can see it, I can feel it and I believe in it!!  Thank you for helping me on this journey of self love."


Image by Artem Kovalev

Yes I am ready to take the first step. 


Book time for a Discovery Call where we will unlock the real reason that you are struggling and suggest some first steps towards greater joy and peace. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

"When I started I was overwhelmed with the lack of time I had for myself and I was struggling with lots of other things at work. In these 2 months, using some of the tools I learnt during my journey at The Heartbeat Solution, I dealt with things better. I feel a lot more positive in general and it's personally very hard for me cause I'm generally not like that. It's almost like a breakthrough."


Special gifts from us to you 

When you join the program you will also be sent your own very special healing journal. 

You will have access to the recordings for life so that you can revisit it when needed. 


You will also be invited to continue your Awakened Collective Membership for an additional month. 

I am here to support you in your journey back to yourself.

And am committed to share whatever it takes to get you there. 

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