Do you want to feel peace, love, and joy in your relationships and in your life, but have not yet figured out how? Are you looking for answers and ready for change?
You can, if you choose to, turn inwards and finding the biggest block so that you can start releasing this and experience living your best life yet!
6 weeks | The third batch starts on 22 November 2021 for 7 select participants. 

What people say


"I signed up for the Heartbeat Solution to discover more about myself. It's like saying come fall in love with yourself. A concept heard of, but yet unaware how do you do it.

Kanu Priya introduced us to so many practices and tools, which at a very subconscious level, work on acknowledging and loving yourself. And they say you attract what you truly are on the inside. One week into the program,  and I can feel the change,  from the person who constantly apologized even when she was not at fault to now respecting and putting forth herself, it's a huge shift. Her constant support and motivation to work on this truly helped.

I can't wait to see the new me at the end of this 6 weeks program. I can see it, I can feel it and I believe in it !!  Thank you for helping me on this journey of self love."


When I started I was overwhelmed with the lack of time I had for myself and I was struggling with lots of other things at work. In these 2 months, using some of the tools I learnt during my journey at The Heartbeat Solution, I dealt with things better. I feel a lot more positive in general and it's personally very hard for me cause I'm generally not like that. It's almost like a breakthrough. 

- Nidhi

I had joined the program because I was facing some relationship issues. The sessions were surprising for me with the things that came up. I was able to identify the reasons and go past some old beliefs. I have changed so much. Even the people around me feel the positive change in me.

- Hoshani

I have started trusting myself and the process more which obviously brings a lot more relaxation to my way of being. I have become more aware about things and how I can work with them. One of the things I practiced at The Heartbeat Solution was cord cutting and I can see something good and magical there. These tools have worked beautifully for me and I do plan to continue using them.

- Nandini