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The Soulful Retreat

Hey beautiful soul, it's that time of the year again!


If you are looking for connection with yourself, come join us

If you are looking at replenishing joy within you, come join us

If you are wanting to be one with nature, come join us

If you are seeking healing from past patterns and limiting beliefs, come join us!

The Soulful Retreat 2024

The Soulful Retreat will begin on 11th April at 3pm and on 14th April around noon we shall bring it to a beautiful close.

The Venue 

Mirage Andretta, Palampur, Himachal

Wake up to the sound of birds, the gentle sounds of wind and water, and soak in the smells of the lush greenery.

The peace, quiet and views of the Himalayas are a constant inspiration!

The following words describe the venue perfectly: Mountains. Yoga. Art. Pottery. Life. 

The venue is a 90 minute drive from Kangra airport and a three hour drive from Pathankot as well as Amb Andaura.

The Soulful retreat has been designed to be in harmony with nature - an invitation to be away from your usual routine so that you can reconnect with yourself to heal and grow.


Book a consultation call

One can often feel stuck on their healing journey. Let's get on a call to explore where you are at and what this retreat can do for you.

Here is what you can expect:

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Release your patterns through family constellations


Heal the divine feminine within you for more peace, power and productivity


Explore and heal your inner critic

Connect with yourself through deep listening circles


Make authentic soulful connections

Glimpses of the Soulful retreat

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 2.01.20 PM.png

"A tree needs to water itself first before giving shelter to others. I am a mother and this was something I wanted to gift myself. I needed to water myself. We all have different journeys but we all connected here and we will find our own path and not get lost. The journey for me actually begins here. Thank you Kanu Priya for giving me this space. I found my life."


Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 2.01.45 PM.png

"I happened to come across Kanu Priya through her platform. We bonded really work over the kind of work she does because of the kind of environment we all are in - the working lifestyle and hectic schedule, hardly giving us any time to reflect on ourselves. This retreat has been a blessing for me and I'm so glad I said yes to it. So much of self introspection."​


Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 1.59.47 PM.png

"I've had the most amazing 3 days here at the retreat. If I had to pick one thing that was the best, it's that you're with like minded people and it's something you miss in your day to day life. I would really recommend everyone to experience this and commit to it. If you have the intention you can really do it!"


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Thanks for your interest. We will be in touch with you soon!

What participants have to say

This is for  you if:

You feel stuck and want to get back the control of your life 


You understand how the inner work leads to outer ​success


You are keen to radically shift your energy and attract abundance

You have been trying to meet a goal, but feel the need of a coach now


You enjoy being part of an intimate, like minded community


Meet me

Hi. I'm Kanu Priya Sekhri

My work as a business and mindset coach has over the years helped more than 800 people shift their inner story and therefore achieve peaceful progress. After six cohorts of my transformative coaching program The Heartbeat Solution (seventh ongoing), and a soulful retreat in Rishikesh in 2022, I am now announcing the soulful retreat 2.0 for women who are keen to continue their inner journey and are looking for like minded people to work with. Let's talk to see if this is a right fit for you.


Book a consultation call

One can often feel stuck on their healing journey. Let's get on a call to explore where you are at and what this retreat can do for you.

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